Black Hardwood Mulch (Color Enhanced)

$34 / yard

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For the greatest contrast between your landscape plants and bedding material, our black hardwood will add long-lasting beauty to your landscape while providing all the benefits of a premium mulch. A helpful hint for home sellers—our black hardwood mulch has been a favorite choice for realtors and homeowners looking to provide the most curb appeal when showing their homes.

Our color-enhanced mulches are made from local hardwood trees that have been ground, aged, re-ground, screened to a final size of 2 inches and smaller, then colored with a high-quality, non-hazardous mulch colorant. Our color enhanced mulches typically hold their color for at least 6 to 9 months with very minimal fading.

Note: Our bulk mulches do NOT contain dimensional lumber, fence panels, or pallet wood. These items can contain unknown contaminants, so it is worth asking about when shopping for materials for your lawn or garden.


Professional Landscapers: Please call for wholesale pricing