bulk mulch laid on landscape

The Importance of Mulch

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Retains moisture in the soil for plants
  • Insulates the soil to moderate temperature extremes (heat and cold)
  • Replenishes nutrients back into the soil
  • Increases microbial activity in the soil, helping plants
  • Reduces or eliminates soil compaction
  • Reduces or eliminates erosion
  • Mitigates compaction around tree root zones in pre-construction areas
  • Adds beauty to your landscape

Alpine Materials, LLC is a premier provider of landscape materials serving North Texas. We are experienced in providing superior landscaping solutions for every budget and to suit every client’s design specifications.     

Available for homeowners and landscape professionals alike, our extensive offering of mulches, soils, composts, sands, gravels and natural stones includes a wide variety of textures, colors and sizes in quantities large enough to handle even the most demanding projects.

Materials are available six days a week and can be picked up at our location with a truck or trailer, or delivered to your location. Delivery fees begin as low as $45 and are based on location and quantity. Minimum quantity for standard delivery fee is 4 cubic yards. Lesser quantities can be delivered for an additional fee.

Professional Landscapers: Please call for wholesale pricing.