Stone Boulders

Boulders can be a decorative and functional addition to any garden or landscape. Whatever form or function you desire, we can help you find the perfect boulder that puts the finishing touch on your landscaping project. Alpine Materials carries a large variety of shapes, sizes and types, and offers delivery as well.

See below for a few ideas on how you can use boulders to accentuate your landscaping.

Centerpiece boulders (usually larger in size): These add beauty to the landscape while making very efficient use of the space. The boulder is essentially a zero maintenance item, so once in place, you only have to upkeep your ground cover and any additional plant material.

Random placement boulders (sizes can vary from small to large): Used for landscape accenting or creating that indigenous look in your flower beds, we offer numerous options to choose from.

Flowerbed borders (sizes can range from small to large depending on the look and functionality you are looking for): Borders can be whatever you want them to be. We’ve often seen our larger boulders creatively used as a flower bed border while doubling as a mini retaining wall. The topography of your site can sometimes help drive the creativity.

Stepping stones/boulders or natural benches (sizes can vary depending on your site and budget): Using boulders as “steps” generally requires choosing our more dimensionally-shaped boulders with flatter surfaces. Benches can also be made using a single large boulder or a combination of boulders.

Waterfalls or koi ponds (small, medium, to large): Our boulders are commonly used to create the natural stonework of water features, including koi ponds and waterfalls.

Property protection (usually large to very large): Typically seen in commercial use, a few large boulders at a property entrance can be very effective at stopping trucks or trailers from driving through your yard.

Alpine Materials, LLC is a premier provider of landscape materials serving North Texas. We are experienced in providing superior landscaping solutions for every budget and to suit every client’s design specifications.     

Available for homeowners and landscape professionals alike, our extensive offering of mulches, soils, composts, sands, gravels and natural stones includes a wide variety of textures, colors, and sizes in quantities large enough to handle even the most demanding projects.

Materials are available six days a week and can be picked up at our location with a truck or trailer, or delivered to your location. Delivery fees begin as low as $45 and are based on location and quantity. Standard minimum quantity for delivery is 4 cubic yards. Lesser quantities can be delivered for an additional fee.

Please note that a $0.03 up-charge per pound will apply to palletized stone that is hand-picked or purchased in quantities less than full pallets. No returns on any stone that has been off-loaded from a pallet, picked through, or previously installed will be given. All returns are subject to inspection and refunds are given at our discretion. A 20% restocking fee will apply to any stone returns. Prices subject to change without prior notification.

Professional Landscapers: Please call for wholesale pricing.